Returns a one-shot token in Xml format in order to render MyWakes Tracks Gadget

public XmlDocument GetIFrameToShowToXml(bool <byHttps>, string <userName>, string <password>, TrackTokenParameters <trackTokenParameters>, ref char <messageType>, ref string <message>)


bool <byHttps> Set to true if you want to user https protocol otherwise, if you want to use http, set it to false
string <userName> A string containing the username assigned from MyWakes
string <password> A string containing the password for the MyWakes user
TrackTokenParameters <trackTokenParameters> A TrackTokenParameters object containing command's specific parameters
ref char <messageType> A string containing output parameter that will return the type of message returned in <message> field: I=information, W=warning, E=error
ref string <message> A string containing output parameter with the message content


Border <BorderType> The Iframe border type. Default is “Empty
UInt32 <Height> Iframe height.
UInt32 <Id> Id of the track to show in Iframe
Languages <Language> Iframe language: English, Italian or French
MapType <MapTipology> Map type: Map, Satellite, Hybrid or Terrain
SecureIFrame <Secure> Set Iframe protocol: Http, Https, NoProtocolChange
String <Title> Title of Iframe.
UInt32 <Width> Iframe width.

Returned Type: XmlDocument

Returns an XML Document with the following structure:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> 
	<message><![CDATA[ OK ]]></message>
	<iframe><![CDATA[ <iframe id="track_gadget_direct" 
		&title=Tracks%20viewer" frameborder="0"
		width="950" height="725"></iframe> ]]></iframe>
		&ty=1 ]]></gadgeturl>



  • <message> contains OK or Error description
  • <token> a Unique Identifier that represent the request. Only if <message> is OK
  • <iframe> contains the full code that will render the MyWakes Gadget according to the setting put in input parameters. This string contains also the <iframe> and </iframe> tags. Only if <message> is OK
  • <gadgeturl> contains the URL address used to show the track gadget in desktop applications. Only if <message> is OK
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