Returns user's position.

Command's fields description:

  • txtUser1 field is the “username” of MyWakes account.

  • txtUser2 field is the “password” of MyWakes account.

  • txtCommand field contains the command: “trackradar”.

  • txtFormat optional field specifies txtParameters and response formats. more info.

  • txtParameter field contains a structure like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> 
  "trackradar": {
    "pastminutes": "60",
    "mode": "0",
    "time": "20101112173025"



  • <pastminutes> optional. Expressed in minutes, represents how much old a radar could be to be showed. Maximum value is 6000. If set to 0 (zero) all the last known positions will be showed. Default value is 60.

  • <mode> optional. Filter data, default value is 0 (zero). Can be:

    • 0 (zero) private.
    • 1 (one) friends.
    • 2 public.
  • <time> mandatory, date and time in UTC. The accepted format is “yyyyMMddhhmmss”.

  • txtProvider field must contain the application calling ID and generated characters.

  • txtSignature field must contain the signature based on the string made of “Command Name” + “pastminutes” + “time” + “generated character to 32”.

Looking at the previous example, the string on which calculate the check will be:

Therefore the txtProvider field will be:

Returns a structure like the following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> 
	<message><![CDATA[ OK ]]></message>
  "furesult": {
    "message": " OK ",
    "items": {
      "item": {
        "id": "-1",
        "username": "skyhawk",
        "firstname": "John",
        "lastname": "Black",
        "latitude": "44.5927777777778",
        "longitude": "11.6555555555556",
        "accuracy": "20",
        "altitude": "500",
        "altitudeaccuracy": "15",
        "heading": "10",
        "speed": "170",
        "status": "3",
        "message": "Ciao.",
        "time": "20101112173026",
        "trackid": "50",
        "callsign": "AB123YZ",
        "icontype": "1",
        "iconurl": ""



  • <message> contains OK or Error description
  • <items> if the command has succeeded and <message> is OK this tag exists and contains the list of positions:
    • <item> each position element. Can be repeated many times and contains the following data:
      • <id> consumer Id. If the consumer is not selected the value will be -1.
      • <username> track's owner username
      • <firstname> track's owner first name
      • <lastname> track's owner last name
      • <latitude> the point's latitude in degree and decimal degrees. If the position is in the southern hemisphere the value will be negative so it will be preceded by a minus sign
      • <longitude> the point's longitude in degree and decimal degrees. If the position is in the western hemisphere the value will be negative so it will be preceded by a minus sign
      • <altitude> the point's altitude in feet without decimal numbers
      • <accuracy> the point's accuracy in meters without decimal numbers
      • <altitudeaccuracy> the altitude's accuracy in feet without decimal numbers
      • <heading> the direction of the vehicle in degrees from 0 to 359
      • <speed> the detected speed expressed in meters per second and tenths of a meter per second
      • <status> The consumer status.
        • 0 (zero) for normal status
        • 1 (one) for rest status
        • 2 power on and waiting points
        • 3 power off
      • <message> a message sent along with the position. Maximum length is 1000 characters
      • <trackid> the Id of the track that updated the position. In Friend or Public mode, if the track could not be shared, this value is -1.
      • <avatar> gravatar URL of track's owner
      • <time> UTC date and time of the position in yyyyMMddhhmmss format
      • <callsign> consumer's identifier
      • <icontype> the type of the Icon:
        • 0=12x20 pixel with pin at 6x20
        • 1=32x37 pixel with pin at 16x37
        • 2=32x37 pixel with pin at 16x18
      • <iconurl> the icon's URL

If MyWakes server returns an error, the format of this answer is described in the error section.

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