Returns a one-shot token in order to render MyWakes Radar Gadget

Here is an example of how the Gadget looks like:

Radar viewer

Command's fields description:

  • txtUser1 field is the “username” of MyWakes account.

  • txtUser2 field is the “password” of MyWakes account.

  • txtCommand field contains the command: “radariframetoshow”.

  • txtFormat optional field specifies txtParameters and response formats. more info.

  • txtParameter field contains a structure like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> 
	<title>Radar viewer</title>
  "radariframetoshow": {
    "type": "0",
    "title": "Radar viewer",
    "width": "950",
    "height": "700",
    "border": "empty",
    "map": "1",
    "lang": "en-US",
    "secure": "1",
    "time": "20101112173025"



  • <type> mandatory. Radar type to look at. Can be:

    • 0 (zero) private radar
    • 1 (one) friends' radar
    • 2 public radar
  • <title> optional. Iframe Gadget title. Default value is “Radar viewer”.

  • <width> optional. Gadget width. Default value is 950.

  • <height> optional. Gadget height. Default value is 700.

  • <border> optional. Gadget border type. Default value is “empty”. Can be:

    • empty

    • single

    • blue

    • green

    • red

    • f1

    • f2

    • f3

    • f4

    • f5

    • f6

    • f7

    • f8

    • f9

    • f10

  • <map> optional. Map type. Default value is 1 (one). Can be:

    • 1 (uno) Map.
    • 2 Satellite.
    • 3 Hybrid.
    • 4 Terrain.
  • <lang> optional. Language. Default value is “en-US”. Can be:

    • “en-US” for english.
    • “it-IT” for italian.
    • “fr-FR” for french.
  • <secure> optional. Sets the communication protocol for returned IFrame. Default value is 2 (two). It can be:

    • 0 (zero) force the IFrame to use http protocol.
    • 1 (one) force the IFrame to use https protocol.
    • 2 returns the IFrame using the same protocol of the “trackiframetoshow” command request.
  • <time> mandatory, date and time in UTC. The accepted format is “yyyyMMddhhmmss”.

  • txtProvider field must contain the application calling ID and generated characters.

  • txtSignature field must contain the signature based on the string made of “Command Name” + “time” + “generated character to 32”.

Looking at the previous example, the string on which calculate the check will be:

Therefore the txtProvider field will be:

Returns a structure like the following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
	<message><![CDATA[ OK ]]></message>
	<iframe><![CDATA[ <iframe id="track_gadget_direct"
		frameborder="0" width="950" height="725"></iframe> ]]>
	<gadgeturl><![CDATA[ https://www.mywakes.com/userspub/user_radargadgetshow.aspx
		&ty=1&title=Radar%20viewer ]]></gadgeturl>
  "furesult": {
    "message": " OK ",
    "token": "669a437b-4fde-44c3-8dd4-2ab2837dd944",
    "iframe": " <iframe id=\"track_gadget_direct\" src=\"https://www.mywakes.com/userspub/radargadgetdirect.aspx?token=669a437b-4fde-44c3-8dd4-2ab2837dd944&la=en-US&ty=1&border=empty&width=950&height=700&title=Radar%20viewer\" frameborder=\"0\" width=\"950\" height=\"725\"></iframe> ",
    "gadgeturl": " https://www.mywakes.com/userspub/user_radargadgetshow.aspx?token=669a437b-4fde-44c3-8dd4-2ab2837dd944&la=en-US&ty=1&title=Radar%20viewer "



  • <message> contains OK or Error description
  • <token> a Unique Identifier that represent the request. Only if <message> is OK
  • <iframe> contains the full code that will render the MyWakes Gadget according to the setting put in input parameters. This string contains also the <iframe> and </iframe> tags. Only if <message> is OK
  • <gadgeturl> contains the URL address used to show the radar gadget in desktop applications. Only if <message> is OK

If MyWakes server returns an error, the format of this answer is described in the error section.

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