Returns a Xml document containing if an opened track is present and>, if so>, also che last point

public XmlDocument GetTrackStatusToXml(bool <byHttps>, string <userName>, string <password>, TrackStatusParameters <trackStatusParameters>, ref char <messageType>, ref string <message>)


bool <byHttps> Set to true if you want to user https protocol otherwise, if you want to use http, set it to false
string <userName> A string containing the username assigned from MyWakes
string <password> A string containing the password for the MyWakes user
TrackStatusParameters <trackStatusParameters> A TrackStatusParameters object containing command's specific parameters
ref char <messageType> A string containing output parameter that will return the type of message returned in <message> field: I=information, W=warning, E=error
ref string <message> A string containing output parameter with the message content


UInt32? <Consumer> Optional. If set, the server will return the track of the consumer.

Returned Type: XmlDocument

Returns an XML Document with the following structure:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> 
	<message><![CDATA[ OK ]]></message>
		<description><![CDATA[titolo della traccia]]></description>



  • <message> contains OK or Error description
  • <status> it's the user status. It is present only if <message> is “OK” and contains the following tags:
    • <open> user track's status. Can be:
      • 0 (zero) – there are no open tracks
      • 1 (one) – the user has at least one open track
    • <id> if an open track exists contains the track Id. This is required in order to get the track
    • <description> if an open track exists contains the track description
    • <lastpointtime> if an open track exists contains the <time> of last trackpoint in yyyyMMddhhmmss format. If the data refers to an open track with no trackpoint, this field stil empty.
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